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Saturday July 13th + Saturday August 17th at the Back Room 

We're continuing our Second Saturday Residency at the Burren Front Room this Saturday July 13th from 5p - 8p and we hope to see you there.
There's never a cover for the Front Room and we'll be sitting around the table dealing out the hits!

We hope you'll also save the date for Saturday August 17th when we'll be returning to the Back Room of the Burren from 7p - 9p. We're excited to be back on the big stage and we've got some new material we hope you'll like, as well as the old favorites.

Tickets are on sale now and you can reserve a table with friends to enjoy the fine food and beverages!

Use this link for tickets and use the coupon code: 24HOUR to get a discount.

Kids always welcome!



The Burren Front Room, March 9 

We're playing the Burren Front Room on March 9 from 5-8pm. Come on down. There's no cover to hear music in the Front Room. So get yer Saturday started off right!

Burren Backroom, Sat. October 28 @ 7pm 

For Halloween this year, the entire band had planned to perform in gold spandex jumpsuits for our Oct. 28th gig at the Burren Backroom. But word got out and the whole thing spiraled into a huge kerfuffle. You probably read about it in the pages of Variety or Highlights Magazine. No? Well, then you probably saw  the coverage on Univision or The Tea-Cozy Channel. No? Really? It was a whole thing.

Anyway, to make a long story short-and-totally-fabricated: Some well-intentioned fans staged an intervention while another faction--equally well-intentioned--offered to pay the cost of the spandex. In the end, however, having lost the element of surprise, the band felt it best to go to Plan B. So...

On Saturday, October 28th, in front of fans, friends and family, the entirety of TSN11 will perform music you love dressed as middle-aged white guys who love playing music. Come witness our subtle transformation starting at 7pm 

Advance tix here...